Thursday, October 29, 2009


The craziest thing happened. One of those things that's so weird that you can still feel the weirdness for more than 3 hours.

I was in my classroom, teaching, and one our school's instructional assistants/my good buddy Dennis was also in the room. We were discussing examples of pulleys and talking about how most cranes have pulleys attached to them. RIGHT after we finished this discussion, I asked, "Ok, who can give me another example of a pulley?" One of my students shouted out, "A CRANE!" I sighed inwardly, and then shouted out his name in the exact same way he shouted out "A CRANE!". He kind of looked at me funnily and I said cheekily, "Oh, we aren't shouting out random things??"

Then, at the EXACT same time, Dennis and I said, "PICKLES!"

That was the most random thing that was in either of our brains. And we both said it. Out loud. We didn't plan it. We weren't looking at each other. It was so in sync (N*SYNC) that we actually didn't even hear the other one say it, but we knew right after it happened that something verrrry strange had happened.


So, there are other pickles in the world.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

The Bestist in the whole world

This morning, I got a letter from a student. It was made at home, put in an envelope and given to me as the student walked in the door.

It said, (no editing here)

"Dear Ms. Meeahn,

I have been learning a lot in math and writing and a lot more you are the bestist teacher in the hole wide world!"

It both warmed my heart and reminded me of some spelling words I need to review with this student :)

It will now go in my teacher love note collection. Right next to a note from a boy at the beginning of school that included twenty used paper clips. Because teachers like paper clips, right?

Thursday, October 22, 2009

A post for Gam

There's been a request for videos and more pics.

Sleepy Puppy.

Playing with her Bunny.

Puppies are super cute when they sleep! (and it's easy to catch them that way)

Listen to what the guy on tv says. It's funny.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

High School Crush

I have a crush on a high schooler, guys. Don't worry, he's fictional. He's also 27 in real life.

You won't be surprised to learn that he's the Hot Boy on Glee. He's baaaad. He has a super hot mohawk.

You watch this clip and tell me you wouldn't date him.

He's soooo bad and yet soooo good.

Even Phebe likes him. When I played this clip, she kept cocking her head. She liked the sound.

My baby dog has Fantastic Taste.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Dog Baby

Everyone says it. Everyone warns you. You "know" what it will be like.

And it is.

I have a baby. An actual black, furry baby. Who cries when I leave the room. Who cries when she's in her crate. Who poops on the floor. Who mostly pees outside but also twice in the house. Who nips at my zippers and pockets and roommates.

Who also sleeps next to me when I'm watching tv and is warm and soft. Who gives me kisses after she pees because she's so proud of herself. Who runs to me for safety because she's mine. :)

Yes, I would like to keep the puppy cuteness and ex-out the barking and crying. I will take poo and pee over that. But I'll take it all because she's my ball of fluff.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

I'm Phebe!

Well, everyone! A new little something has found its way into my life! This is Phebe. She's from a little farm in Mt. Airy, MD. She left her brother, some other pups, cats, chickens and a horse.

She's a 12-week-old black cockapoo and she's maaaaybe 6 pounds.

Phebe got her name because I wanted to name the pup a Shakespearean name because I live on Montague St. Juliet was too predictable and also a mouthful. So, I searched "Shakespearean girl names" on google. From the play "As You Like It" came Phebe. And I REALLY like it without the O.

It was disgusting, cold, and rainy today so we (My Mom came up for the weekend) kept her covered when we went to go get pet supplies.

Sometimes when Big Al makes loud noises in the kitchen, she gets scared and runs for cover. Legs make a nice tent.

One time she became a hat. But it wasn't fashionable for very long.

She wasn't so sure about her crate, so we strategized a little.

Sometimes she cries. A lot. Especially when she's by herself. I don't think she's ever been by herself before! THIS WILL BE FUN. :)

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Kristy, Claudia, Mary Anne, Stacy, Dawn, Jessi, and Mallory. Period.

The Babysitters Club!

We were obsessed with it. I was obsessed with those books FAR LONGER than I should have been. I used to practice their different handwriting styles. I used to write "my own" Babysitters Club books. It's a wonderful series with rich characters and it calls out to tween girls.

The first Baby-sitters Club book was published in August of 1986, and "Kristy's Great Idea" was shared with many girls world wide. (

BUT NOW, LADIES AND GENTLEMEN, this generation's obsession with easiness has forced this iconic series to update itself.

Introducing.... The Babysitters Club "GRAPHIC NOVEL".

Graphic Novels are the "latest" way to force children to stop using their imagination to envision characters and situations.

Being a teacher, I understand that sometimes you have to "inspire" children to read. But I'm also a firm believer in imagination. Imagine.

I am not the biggest fan of these because I can only imagine that much of the details have to be cut out to make room for the graphics/cartoons, but I Will give them credit for keeping the words in the book and not just making it into a cartoon television show.

While on the subject, the phrase "graphic novel" sounds a little bit too much like suggestive adult material. Sigh.

Say hello to your friends... Babysitters Club...

Wednesday, October 14, 2009


If you don't watch Glee, you should.

Here is one reason why: (info: the football team was on a losing streak so they decided to activate a "shock and awe" tactic). Seriously, give it the 5 minutes it deserves.

And then this one. Well, the boys were on "vitamin D"... an "upper", if you will. And you will. And you should.

Wednesdays at 9:00 on Fox. Oh and you're welcome. : )

Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Dining with a teacher friend of mine (who shall remain safe and nameless, but who just moved to northern virginia)...

"I mean, he cries a lot and it's like 'how can you cry so much, especially since you are TWICE the size of a normal second grader??' BE A MAN!!"

Imaginary Dog Names

Just the dog is imaginary. Not the names. Well, maybe they are, too. By default.

I Really want a dog. I'm perfectly content to wait until I meet the "right" dog.

In the meantime, I will pick out dog names with the help of friends and fam.

(note: I live on Montague St.)

Here are some names that Peep and I came up with:

  • Benvolio
  • Mercutio
  • Romea
  • Nurse
  • Tybalt
  • Rosalyn
  • Juliet
  • ??? Please help think of more!!

Ode to Peep!

Peep! Peep is mandy. Peep is crazy creative and always has been. Peep is one of the smartest people I know. Peep is the driving force behind the blog "m cubed". She helped me with my blogger header. Isn't it beautiful?!

here's another one she was working on:

Here's another. It frightens me.

I liked this one a lot, too! It's perfect for a teacher! (Eric Carle-y)

In the end, I chose the one that fits me best. And WHO else would know, but Peep?

Monday, October 12, 2009

A Columbus Day Reminder

Teachers love Holidays. This is not brand new information. Today is the "first" holiday since school started- the salute to Christopher Columbus. I mean, thanks for discovering America, Columbus, but really- thank you for the much needed mental break.

I use days like this to "Get things done". A lot of working people can "Get things done" on their lunch breaks. My lunch break, however, is 20 minutes long and I spend half of that time quieting 3rd graders. :)

Today I took my car to get cleaned. On the way there, I drove through beautiful downtown Falls Church. I saw people... children... parents... painting the windows of the small businesses with Halloween pictures and it just looked so sweet and so "small town".

What a beautiful "thing to do" on a holiday!