Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Summertime is here again...

Well, not surprisingly, June flew by.  With 7 college credits, packing up a classroom and the bits and pieces that constitute the end of a year, I feel like I blinked and June is almost over.

But you know what is actually over?   The 2010-2011 school year.   And boy was it a good one.  I love those little faces so much.   I CAN'T WAIT to be their teacher next year!!   Making the decision to loop up to 4th grade with the exact same class makes me really excited for September.

That being said, I AM SO GLAD IT'S SUMMER TIME!!!  I need a break!  I need some naps!  I need some playtime!   I need to do my college work and finish those classes so I can relax my mind and be ready for a new year.

Last summer, I made a giant To-Do list.  And I accomplished most of it.   Today, after last night's big playtime and a huge nap, I tried to make a To-Do list for this summer.

Here it is so far:

Yup.   I'm not ready to have responsibilities yet.  I'll try again tomorrow...

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Phebe's turn

I said everything I needed to say tonight, but as soon as I hit send, Phebe apparently had a few things to say....

Sorry it's dark, but it's bedtime.  She had a lot to tell me.  ("What?  You pooped in the refrigerator?  And... you ate a whole wheel of cheese?  That's... I'm not not even mad, that's amazing.")

Randoms, also Hello June

1.  Tonight I brushed my teeth with my left hand.   I'm right handed.  It felt weird but I think I'm going to do it until it doesn't feel weird anymore.   No, I don't know why.

2.  This evening I thought for a LONG time about who should get their hair cut first:  Me or Phebe.  I still haven't figured out who'll be first.

3. Tomorrow we finish SOL testing!!   And I am telling my students the "Big News".  Reaction tomorrow.

4. My math class is kind of crazy but I also like it.  Weird, right?   Let's not talk about the science one. I'm in a good mood.

5. I downloaded "iBooks" on my phone and bought some books to read off my phone.   I read all of Water for Elephants (pretty good-- didn't WOW me like it did everyone else but I think that's because too much of it made me sad and scared to age!) and now I'm reading The Help. I LOVE The Help so far.  It's awesome and it's really nice to read it on my phone as I'm falling asleep.    Part of me thinks reading a book on the smartphone is Too Technological but another part of me thinks I saved a tree and my phone is a lot easier to carry around.  I think both parts are right.

6. 13 and a half days of school left.   But who's counting?

7. I deep cleaned my room yesterday, GROTSing a lot of stuff.  GROTS is a term my mom made up:  Get Rid Of The Sh**.   Feels nice.

8.  To save some money, I lowered my phone plan.  I guess I didn't realize how much I actually talked on the phone (hello, Savannah and West Virginia and mom?  I'm dumb) because I am near my limit of minutes and the new cycle doesn't start until June 7!!    I am going to try one more month like this and then most likely switch back to my old plan.

9. Most days I have at least 13 Words With Friends games waiting to be played.  Most days I catch up.   Some days I do not and it's ok.

10. My dog chewed my underwear today.  It was the first time in 2 years.  I'm not happy and I hope this trend doesn't continue.  Yes, they were in my hamper.  Yes, she scaled its two foot walls.  Yes, it's kinda gross.  I don't like that dogs do that.

Happy June.  Summer is on the horizon, I can see it...