Monday, May 30, 2011

Sea of Love

Memorial Day weekend was absolutely beautiful.   As you read about the snippets, listen to this song...

Friday came with a half day of school and time to do schoolwork.  I got quite a bit of Oceanography complete on Friday night which was great because it made me feel like I may be able to do it.  Just don't say the "t" word (test). :)

Saturday, the weather was GORGEOUS and it was Brett and Micah's wedding day.  Everything about Saturday was absolutely perfect.  From dropping off their flowers, to getting ready at the hotel with Tara and Kate, to laughing with friends, to dancing with friends, to enjoying friends, to making new friends... just all the parts of it were amazing.   The song you're listening to right now was Micah and Brett's first dance and about a minute in, the entire bridal party joined them on the dance floor.  It was beautiful!   Just an amazing couple, an amazing time.

Sunday, I got a big brunch and rehashed the wedding with Alli and Lou, then we all went to join Jaime at her pool for daiquiris and naps.  We were all so peaceful and happy to be outside enjoying the weather and the company.  We went out to dinner that night and then out on the town for what turned out to be Quite a fun time (how could it not?  This weekend was so blissful, it would have taken A LOT to ruin it).

Monday, was a pregame BBQ at Amber and Charles', then a Nationals-Phillies baseball game.  The weather was miserably hot, but it was hard to be miserable when you're surrounded by awesome people having a great time.

A little bit sunburned, a lot more relaxed, and lucky to have friends and family who are wonderful and love when I came back up to the top of the roller coaster...  this weekend was just what was needed.  Time to take a deep breath, to laugh, to dance and to realize that stress is temporary.

I'm glad to be back, too :)

Thursday, May 26, 2011


I'm here to warn you this post is primarily negative.   I promise I will try to find the positive at the end because that what you are supposed to do, but right now I'm kind of spinning.

I want to just bullet point all the stressors in my life right now that have kept me in hiding.  Hiding is my defense mechanism when I feel overwhelmed.  I wish it wasn't but I can acknowledge that I do it.  I'm trying to get better at it.  I'm sorry if you've been trying to contact me recently and I've been hiding.  I still love you.

  • May has been fun and amazing and busy and overwhelming.
    • The first week I went to Massachusetts.  It was one of the most amazing trips of my life and I worked some professional development there that reaffirmed what my teaching goals are.
    • The second week I realized that I REALLY wanted to Loop with my class to 4th grade.  In mid-April, I wrote to the Va Dept. of Education to find out what credit hours I need to extend my teaching certification from pK-3rd to pK-6th.  I found out the 2nd week in May. I need a basic math and a basic science.  Ok! I thought.  But in the back of my mind, I was super annoyed at JMU for not telling me.  I mean, I could have knocked those out in a May session or two. Grr.   So within the span of 2 days, I applied and got in (haha) to Northern Va community college and registered for the two courses I need:  a 6 week math course (two nights/week 6p-9:30p on the campus) and an 8 week online course.  
    • Third week in May meant a weekend away at the beach and I love the beach.  And I loved the girls I went with.  Also meant the start of my classes.  Also yikes.
    • Fourth week in May is now.  It's going to get its own bullets.
  • I'm completely overwhelmed taking 7 college credits and working full time at school and planning and getting 3rd graders prepared for SOL tests and ending the school year (18 days).
  • I've already fallen behind in my science course and I'm nervous about not being able to catch up.
  • I stressed myself out so much about my math test last Monday that I ended up with a sinus infection (which I did beat without medicine) but it took me down for a few days. 
  • ALL FOUR OF MY PARENTS have been in the ER over the past week for various maladies.  Most are perfectly fine.  That I have to say Most and not All is terrifying me to my core.  I will reveal absolutely zero details on here except to say that I love my parents and it's absolutely KILLING me to live 3 hours away. 
  • My college classes are making me nervous.  They don't end until July 11.   I want to have a summer.  I'm nervous that I won't have much of one.
  • Sleep would be nice but are you surprised that I am having trouble doing that?
  • You know when you're stressed and stuff just seems a million times worse than it probably actually is?
  • Also, there was a dead chipmunk in the backyard.  It was maggoty and I almost vomited.  I did not move it because I couldn't.  Gross.

So yeah, that's where I am.  And you might not know it by looking at me.   Well, you would tonight because it's written all over my face.  Puffy eyes, permanent brow crease, the works.  

Remember when I told you I would find the positive?   well....

I'll find some next week or tomorrow or even later tonight.  I promise.   For right now I have to go for a run because if I don't, I might explode.

Mom said just keep putting one foot in front of the other and only look at one day at a time, not the big picture right now because that's what's stressing me out. 

I know she's right.

One foot.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

My Mom

I love my Mom.   She's there when I need her.  She can make conversation with anyone.  She put up with me for 29 years!

Happy Mom's Day, Mom.  I love you every day.