Monday, September 27, 2010


I really like the show How I Met Your Mother. Because of Neil Patrick Harris. Solely.

This is one of my favorite clips, ever. I Love his panic at the end...

Tuesday, September 21, 2010


"Ms. Meehan, you know who Justin Beaver is?"
"Yeah, Bieber."
"Yes, I know who Justin Beaver is."

Oh yeah...

And I did I mention that I saw THIS GUY??


9:46 pm. My first official cry during Biggest Loser.

Premiere Week has begun.

90210 Birthdayyyyy

It happened. At the Peach Pit. After Dark. Jaime (Brenda Walsh-- in upcoming pictures) had this banner made. Isn't it AWESOME?!!

Kate was a Blossom-y 90s character. She nailed it.

Lou was our Kelly Taylor.

Just some sweet asses making fried pickles. Look at those pants. Seriously.

Donna Martin, Mom-to-Be and Blossom.

Kristin showed up with the world's most perfect 90s bangs.

Pretty soon Goth and Brenda Walsh showed up...

And even Phebe came as Andrea Zuckerman (because no one else wanted to)

Maybe a few costume changes...

Sometimes Kristin and I put our heads together during games to really focus.

Yup. Some awesome costumes.

Maybe a small amount of countertop dancing.

And when I went upstairs to go to sleep... Kristin was in my room by herself... looking ridiculously suspicious...

And in the light of the morning, I saw why...

This is how we spent Sunday...

It was a GREAT party!!

More like the World's Cutest Man

Say Hello to Walter Bruening.

He is the World's Oldest Man and today is his 114th birthday. He was born in 1896. His wife died in 1957 and they never had any children. But look at him...

He's lived through so much history. From the Newsies era to the crazy hippies in the 60s to the absurd technology of today. I wonder if he skypes.

Happy Birthday, Walter. :)

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Canine quirks

Every dog has their own quirks, right? My first dog, Tucker was exceptionally growly to almost everyone but me (and mom and Rick). She never wanted to be moved unless it was by her own accord, thank you very much. I loved that about her. She was a little bit bitchy. She slept on the pillow next to mine for many years and got incredibly ornery when she was moved to the foot of the bed. I mean, this is her Christmas Day many years ago... not so happy. Maybe it's all the ribbons around her neck, maybe not...

Yes. I now own another black cockapoo. And yes, she has her own quirks. She eats tissues by the box (it seems). She refuses to relax when people come to the door (which is often) and she positively goes berserk when Lindsay comes home. But she's sweet. And she does the sweetest things. When I come home and take her outside, she refuses to do any business and sits at my feet until I snuggle her for a minute. She also does this:

Quirky canines.

No, I am not obsessed with black cockapoos.

Ok, maybe a little.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Summer Randoms

So, there were a lot of random pictures from this summer... here's a little taste.

My new tat:

A proactiv vending machine in a mall.

Best cashier ever.

Happy times on the camping/tubing trip.

Lou and I can make fires.

And be mermaids.

All of us, in some way or another, are trying to hide our bikini-ed bodies from the camera. Watch. And Kristin's face is priceless.

The World's Longest Barbie California Girl Uno Game.

Because someone didn't have ANY blues.
Johnny's and my head shot. We are going to be famous models one day. You'll see.

Girls and sports.

My favorite beer vendor at Nats park.

The guy I got into a fight with and chest bumped him in anger because he smacked Kate's ass when she walked past him. I know. It was gross.

William really did love this picture. He's making FakeMadFace.

Sometimes I let strangers play guitar on my leg.


Friends :)

A small family of sorts enjoying the fourth of July.

Kate gave me this necklace for my birthday. I like it. I'm a teacher and I hope to...
What a great summer...

Ohhhh Birthday...

I haven't done a 9-02-10 post.

It was an amazing day, so much love.

The birthday actually started on 9-01-10, when Dad took me, dave, rhonda and chris to see the Red Sox play the Orioles. It was a GREAT game and the Red Sox won so it was wonderful for all of us to travel to see it. Plus, I got to spend some amazing time with my family. Go Sox!

Here's Dad and David with Papelbon, the closing pitcher.

Despite getting home from the game at midnight and having a crazy dog who didn't want to settle and needed a walk at 12:45am, I woke up in a great mood on my birthday. On the way to work, I got a voice mail from Joy and she sang me the 90210 theme song along with my happy birthday wishes.

The great mood only intensified when I got to my desk at work and found this:

I have such an awesome co-worker in Valeria. : )

My day at work was lovely. Lots of birthday wishes. A DELICIOUS cake baked by Valeria. I felt incredibly loved. My co-workers and I did our Fantasy Football draft after school and it. was. so. much. fun. I couldn't stop making ridiculous comments and I completely enjoyed the company of my fun-loving coworkers. :)

When I got home, I spent some time with my pup and then went to Clare and Don's to meet my northern va friends. My friend Jaime really loved the 90210 birthday, so she made a card with pictures of the cast and had every one of our friends sign it "From the Whole Gang"

And then there was this gem... Clare and Don's and had "entertainment". I started recording this guy singing Happy Birthday to me just after he sang/spelled my name "K-A-T-I-E or Y"...
I know. YIKES. But look how happy my friends are.

This blurry picture is exceptionally accurate for the night. I think that's how I saw it all. Gotta love birthdays. :)

And of course, the ladies. Note Kristin pulling my hair (which she did right before every picture) and Kate's sorority pose. And my complete contentedness hearing from and having so many wonderful friends around my on my day.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010


I love this blog

Because I LOVE this baby... she is positively edible. If you don't feel absolute peace looking at her in this picture... I will be shocked.

Roses and Thorns

Rose: The first and second day of school have been AWESOME. I really like my crew so far! They are sweet and hilarious.

Thorn: My macbook is in the "shop" because it stopped charging. So I am forced to use my work Dell. Blah. I like being an apple snob and I miss my computah.

Rose: I've been very productive in my evenings so far this week. I seem to be staying on top of things.

Thorn: I haven't walked my dog enough so she's woken me up in the middle of the night both nights.

Rose: I cooked enough food Tuesday night to last me for the rest of the week.

Thorn: I haven't walked my dog enough so she's woken me up in the middle of the night both nights. (worth two thorns)

All in all, there have been a lot more roses than thorns.

Let's keep that up!!