Monday, October 29, 2012

Monday, October 29... thankful

Today I am thankful that people know me.

Tonight my 5th grade teacher inboxed me on facebook and said, "You are SO the grown up I knew you would be..."  


For Sunday, October 28

I am thankful that at age 31 I know myself... I know when I can be around people and be "up" and I know when I need down time, too.

I am thankful for hurricane Sandy for "forcing" some down time with my family.

For Saturday, October 27


I am thankful that I have three brothers that appreciate all the wackiness of me... because I love all the wackiness of them.

Friday, October 26, 2012

Triumphant Return!

It's been about ten months since my last post.   Sorry!

I don't have any excuses :)  

But I did decide that I need to focus on the amazing in my life and, inspired by mom's new dinnertime ritual, I will blog one thing a day for which I am grateful.

Friday, October 26, 2012...

Today I am grateful that I changed schools and feel like I'm in a teaching environment where I can work with others to be the teacher I've always wanted to be.

Monday, February 13, 2012

Weight change

Not me!


I just took her to the vet and saw her weight record since I've had her.   Let's start with now:

Feb, 2012:  18.5 pounds

January 2012: 18.2 pounds

late October 2010: 16.8 pounds

early October 2010: 16 pounds

December 2009: 8.6 pounds

November 2009: 7.28 pounds

October 2009: 5.5 pounds

I don't even care, my dog is SO cute it hurts.  Look at her 5 pound self.  

Phebe's new name

A more light-hearted post:

The other day I was in the math room at my school with some amazing people.  My friend said that her roommate was going to be getting a new puppy that weekend: a Goldendoodle.

I asked out loud, "Where do they get the 'doodle' from?  Shouldn't it be a Goldenpoodle?"  A co-worker said, "You have a cocker-poodle, right?"

I said, "yes, a Cockapoo.  Both names represented."  

My friend said, "Why don't you call her a 'cockadoodle'?"


Phebe: dog
Breed: cockadoodle

To my Soul,

Hey blogger-ville, it's your old friend Cait.

I'm just going to pick up with some new posts.  I've had a lot of ideas in the past 3 months, but finding or making time to do them has been tricky.  So have the last three months.  For awhile, I'm just going to start back up; no explanation.  Maybe you'll get explanations.  Maybe there aren't any explanations... until then:

In the end, the love you take... is equal to the love you make.

I watched the Grammys tonight and I was reminded of two very big Cait-ish things:
1. Music gets in my Soul and affects me
2. The Beatles are amazing and should dominate shows all the time

Let me start with #2.  Paul McCartney just tore it up on the stage-- age was not a factor in that performance.  [Age has been bothering me for a little bit.  My body is not acting as I would like it to, and I hope I will find some answers this week.]
The Beatles are the most comforting band to me.  I have always, Always said that you can find a Beatles song to fit any mood.  It's true.
Sad?  Let it Be.
Melancholy?  Imagine.
Rebellious?  Revolution.
Romantic?  Love.
Miss singing songs with your Dad on his guitar?  Blackbird.
I was lucky to have parents who really appreciated the Beatles and we grew up listening to them.  I was singing, "Love, love me do... you know I love you" before second grade.  My dad sang, "A, B, C, D, can I bring my friend to tea? E, F, G, H, I, J I love you" to me as a toddler. My answering message on my freshman dorm phone was, "You say goodbye and I say hello..."  I have in the past called my classes to the carpet with the call, "Come together..." to which my class responded, "Right now.  Over me."
The Beatles have been in my soul as long as I've been alive.  And I really need to rely on them right now.  Beatles mix will be prepared this week.

Nothin's gonna change my world, nothin's gonna change my world...

That segues perfectly into #1.  Just as the Beatles are in my soul, music in general is... and I so often forget.  I don't know all the brand new, amazing singers.  I'm certainly not hip and cool in my music taste, but I know what my soul likes.

Sometimes I want to dance: Vampire Weekend, A Punk
Sometimes I want to cry: Adele, Someone Like You
Sometimes I am so happy about something that I cry anyway: Fun., We Are Young
Sometimes I just want to be happy: George Strait, Here For a Good Time
Sometimes I want to be mad: Ben Folds Five, Song For the Dumped
Sometimes I want to fall in love: The Avett Brothers, January Wedding/Beyonce, Flaws and All
Sometimes I want to chill: 311, Amber
Sometimes I want to smile: Bruno Mars, Just the Way You Are
Sometimes I want to kick stuff: Kanye West, Stronger
Sometimes I want to laugh and sing: Andy Gibb, Shadowdancing
Sometimes I want to be content with what I have:  Joe Purdy, Wash Away

And yes, I can think of a Beatles song for each of those moods, too.

Sometimes I want to dance: Beatles, Can't Buy Me Love
Sometimes I want to cry: Beatles, Love
Sometimes I am so happy about something that I cry anyway: Beatles, Across the Universe
Sometimes I just want to be happy: Beatles, It Won't Be Long
Sometimes I want to be mad: BeatlesHelter Skelter/I'm Looking Through You
Sometimes I want to fall in love: Beatles, Here, There and Everywhere/ Something/ I Will 
Sometimes I want to chill:  Beatles, Two of Us
Sometimes I want to smile: Beatles, I've Just Seen a Face
Sometimes I want to kick stuff: Beatles, Revolution
Sometimes I want to laugh and sing: Beatles, When I'm Sixty-Four/Yellow Submarine
Sometimes I want to be content with what I have:  Beatles, In My Life

I need to remember that songs can accept, release and change my emotions.  I need to let music in more when things are tricky.

And when the night is cloudy... there is still a light that shines on me... Shine until tomorrow... let it be.

That light leads my soul's boat home...